What is an investor looking for?

Your business is looking rosy, things are starting to pick up, but you now need funding to grow further and faster.  You don’t just want a loan from your bank, but wish to find an experienced investor or groups of investors who would not only bring funds but also their experience and contacts to help the business grow.  How do you attract the right investors? I think one of the most crucial thing to start is to ask yourself:

So what is the investor/s looking for in you and your business?


Management, People

Investors look firstly to you the founder of the business to see if you are a strong leader, and manager of people.  Is your team motivated and productive?


Scalability of business

Is your business able to really grow beyond the founder or does it all depend on you and your immediate team?  Does the business have structure and systems in place, which can be replicated even in another location?


Unique idea/business model - ie competitive advantage

Is your business really different in the market and have a competitive edge?  For example, if you are an estate agent, how are you different from the other estate agents? You may possibly be different because you specialise in a specific location, or offer a very different value added benefit.  It is about standing shoulder and heads from the crowd.


Integrity, energy, passion, vision

But most important for any investor, is they are investing in you the founder, they are buying into your dreams and need to know that you are honest, have passion and will focus on succeeding.  Investing is not just about accounts and funds, it is about people working with you and having faith in your abilities and commitment.



The investor is also more assured if they know that you the founder have experience and relevant skills in your field. 


Willing to learn

As an investor also hold equities in your company, they are part owner, so they will also wish to contribute their experience and feedback.  The last thing they need is a founder who does not wish to learn, or is defensive.  Don’t forget investors are also part owner of your company, and need to be treated as such, so be willing to learn from them as well.


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